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Other organisations around the world are working on the wellbeing agenda. Our own Manifesto is modelled on one developed by the New Economics Foundation, a UK think tank.

Other websites worth viewing include: The New Economics Foundation developed the initial wellbeing manifesto on which the Australian one is modelled. The NEF's manifesto may be read here. The Center for a New American Dream has goals similar to those of the Wellbeing Manifesto. Downshifters are those who have voluntarily changed their lives in ways that involve earning less and getting more balance back into their lives. An organisation for downshifters has recently been formed in Australia. The inaugural conference will be held in Sydney on 23rd July 2005. The Australian Centre on Quality of Life at Deakin University facilitates research and education on quality of life, and includes all reports of the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index, a national index of subjective wellbeing. The website of The Australia Institute which developed the Wellbeing Manifesto. This website presents the Genuine Progress Indicator for Australia, an alternative to GDP as a measure of national progress It's formula is a good guide
for people who refuse to be bystanders and want to take actions that


Some books that discuss many of the issues raised in the Wellbeing Manifesto include the following

Clive Hamilton and Richard Denniss, Affluenza (Allen & Unwin 2005)

Richard Eckersley, Well & Good: How we feel and why it matters (Text Publishing 2004)

Clive Hamilton, Growth Fetish (Allen & Unwin 2003)

Richard Layard, Happiness: Lessons from a new science (Penguin 2005)

Juliet Schor, The Overspent American (Harper Perennial, 1998)