The following 9705 people (arranged alphabetically) have given their personal endorsement to the Wellbeing Manifesto

Name Occupation/Position State
Karen Yaldren Youth worker, circus performerACT
Ruth Yallop Ministry associateNSW
Mr Atsushi Yamamoto StudentNSW
Ms Gina Yardley Scientist and studentNSW
Tjallie Ybema Registered nurseSA
Helen Ye StudentNSW
Ms Gayle Yeaman ACT
Ruth Yeatman Social activist VIC
Lars Yencken ResearcherVIC
Miss Esther Yeoman Oncology Clinical Nurse SpecialistVIC
Anna Yeomans Home schooling motherQLD
Vasoontara Yiengprugsawan PhD candidateACT
Cigdem Yilan Social workerVIC
Ms Saulan YIn-Lo Diversity health coordinatorNSW
Mr Stephen Yolland Company director & marketing consultantVIC
Jenni York Clinical psychologistVIC
Mr Tony Yorkston TeacherQLD
Rachael Young Environmental advocateNSW
Elizabeth Young StudentVIC
Chris Young Occupational therapistQLD
Mrs Yvonne Young LecturerSA
Matthew Young Meditation teacherVIC
Ms Cathy Young Social workerNSW
Mr David Young School teacherVIC
Adrian Young Knowledge management consultantWA
Paul Young Financial plannerSA
Ms Georgina Young Senior research officerNSW
Louise Young Mum/ part time office assistant
Ms Wendy Young Graphic designerVIC
Kathy Young MarketingNSW
Gordon Young Victorian rover-scouts environmental officerVIC
Tony Young Financial plannerQLD
David Young Secondary teacherVIC
Shona Young RNNSW
Ms Jennifer Young Child health nurseQLD
Annette Young Admin assistantTAS
Susanne Young TeacherVIC
Manager Jennifer Young EducatorQLD
Jackie Yowell Book publishing (among others)VIC
Loki Ysebaert Student, gardener, handymanNSW
Ms Jane Yule EditorVIC
Palwesha Yusaf StudentNSW
Julie Yusop Volunteer coordinatorWA